Nope, that’s not a typo. I got psyched up for this new bike trailer then it siked me out. Today was a roller coaster of emotions. I’ve been waiting for the better part of a week for my bike trailer to come in so I could assemble it, pack it, put it through a test run, and gauge any changes or preparations I need to make. It’s the one element that has been standing between me and a proper walking and camping trial out here in Louisville, Kentucky.

Three or four days later than it was supposed to arrive, I get this box left at my door. It looks like a t-rex got hold of it. There were so many holes in the box I got to preview the item before even opening it. Once I did open it I find that not only is the bike trailer the wrong color, but it’s structure is pretty damaged as well. Now, there is just about nothing I hate more than dealing with returning items and dealing with vendors, shippers, and manufacturers, so I decide, what the hey, I’m okay with blue and as long as this damage doesn’t keep me from using the trailer this will be just fine.

After an hour or two trying to put it together, its badly translated instruction manual offering little help, I finally get it in presentable and near functional form. I am pleased. I feel relief. Finally, the largest piece of my puzzle is in place and I can begin the final stages of fleshing out this trip across America. I know I want to keep everyone updated on my walk, so I get a picture of me taken with the bike trailer outside before airing up the tires.

Sike. I don’t have good tires. One is off alignment and the other is damaged so bad from shipping that it can’t be aired.

So, alright. I’m not sure what to do next. I think maybe I will get credit back from Amazon, ship it back tomorrow, and get myself something else off their store. If anybody has any tips on a great trailer, drop me a line!

Update: UPS should be picking up the trailer today. I’ll get Amazon credit back three days after they receive the bike trailer. I am thinking of getting a Schwinn trailer. I’ve always loved their bikes.

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