The default title for the first post of this WordPress template was, of course, as is customary on the internet: “Hello world!”. I was tempted to leave it because it fit so well – seeing as I’m writing to you, the people of the world, and also planning to venture out into the world itself. After no more than a minute I decided to take it down so nobody would casually glance the site mistaking it for unfinished.

To the news: Today I launched the campaign of Walk For HS! Or, earlier this morning rather, at roughly 3 AM, I groggily finished its rough draft. I wasn’t aware the campaign would go live during the editing process; I thought I would be able to edit it privately until hitting some kind of finished button. So, apologies for any blobbiness.

If you are reading this close to its time of posting, you are probably a member of one of the Hidradenitis Suppurativa Facebook support groups. I want to thank you for dropping in. Please check out my GoFundMe page if you haven’t already. It’s going to be pretty hard without your help.

What will be hard? This insane idea of walking across America. Sure, other people have done it and are doing it now, but it doesn’t make it any more sane. There is an element of danger to it, primarily from cars and trucks barreling down the road, but I think if handled properly it could be fairly safe otherwise and, hopefully, loads of fun.

There are three types of transcontinental walkers: Those who hike the wilderness across, those who take roads, and those who do a little of both. I’m in the second group. I have a deep and perhaps irrational fear of bears. This fear keeps me from camping too deep into the forests or mountains by myself.

Just last night I braved the jungle that is my backyard. My sleep gear had arrived in the mail a couple days ago and I needed to give it a test run out in nature. As I walked out my backdoor with my things I noticed some nasty spiders spinning some webs near where my head passed. I told myself, You’re going to get a few of those directly to the face when looking for camping spots, get used to it.

Anyway, can’t wait to get started!

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