Today is a good day. I was prepared to wait for my returned sike trailer to make it back to Amazon before having to wait an additional three days to get credited back my money. I would then have had to order another more expensive bike trailer and go through the process all over again. Finding something that will do the job and is inexpensive is pretty tough when it comes to bike trailers, so I wasn’t looking forward to it.

My father, always trying to be of help, suggested taking another look at Craigslist. I was skeptical, telling him I had already peeled over Craigslist a lot recently and nothing good was available. Luckily he didn’t listen to me and began his search anyway. Sure enough, a decent looking bike trailer shows up for sale in our area, not far off at all. It was a good price and was already assembled. It was brand new. The owners just didn’t need one so big. Good thing for them, I definitely needed something big enough to haul my stuff in.

When we arrived at Angie’s house, we pulled up in our huge handicap bus. She laughed and told us she was glad we brought it because she was worried we would pull up with a car that wouldn’t be big enough to load the bike trailer. She was really cool, I immediately liked her. We walked up into her garage, bringing my chihuahua Marty with us. For those of you that don’t know Marty, he is the chillest, mellowest, chihuahua ever.

Angie, of course, thought the trailer would be used for Marty. That would make sense, it is a pet trailer and I arrived to check it out with my pet in tow. I explained to her that I was walking across the country for Hidradenitis Suppurativa awareness and that Marty wouldn’t be going, rather I would be using the trailer to haul my supplies. She thought it was a great idea and was delighted that she would get to watch her trailer get put to good use.

Angie had a sweet little yorkie mix (I think) named Nico. Super adorable dog. Him and Marty friskily checked each other out, sniffing each other in circles. At one point Marty gave a little growl because he hasn’t had canine company in a little while so he was a little surprised. In the end they became doggy friends. They had a little time to bond while I walked around Angie’s neighborhood testing the trailer.

I ended up getting it. I didn’t expect to have a trailer today, so it was really an unexpected and welcome direction for things to go in.  I snapped a quick pic outside with it. I plan on having a White Walker and a Storm Trooper ride with me the whole way. Going to try to get a tiny American flag to put in the White Walker’s hand. Maybe strap a little sign around his neck that says “Winter is Coming.”

Thanks, Dad for helping me find this trailer! Thanks Angie for listing it and being so friendly. Thanks Nico for making Marty’s day. Thanks Momma for taking Marty to the park with me and taking Red XIII on a test run.


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