My name is Kenton Bailey and I am going to walk across America to raise funding for research of Hidradenitis Suppurativa and to spread awareness. I have had HS since I was about twelve, but only recently in 2010 was I given an official diagnosis. I am 31 this year and only now has my condition begun to show signs of quick progression into something much worse.

I’ve done a handful of cool things. I’ve driven across the US a couple times, lived in Kentucky, Hollywood, and Florida, working in graphics, marketing, film, sales, manufacturing, and shipping. I have a yearning for a challenging adventure and I’m afraid if I wait too long I might find myself unable to do it in the future. So I’ve decided to go for it. I’m a little scared, but I’ve decided not to let fear guide my decisions anymore.

(Except for when it comes to bears).

The Route

This is roughly the route I will be taking across America. It will be changing slightly as I go. I will update this page whenever new solid changes occur. Click the image or click here for the link to the interactive Google Map. I am taking a pretty southern route so that I can stay warm during the winter months, though luckily I will be crossing through the desert during its 60° – 70° phases rather than 100+ temps.

Contact Me

Do you have a place I can stay for a night? Do you know someone that does? Would you like to set up an interview? Maybe just want to talk or meet up?

If you notice that my blue line crosses near or through your home, or perhaps you know someone else who could help, please e-mail me at if you would like to offer me your yard to camp in or your home to sleep in. Also, I’d be more than happy to meetup somewhere and say hello just to have some company. Thanks so much!

It’s easiest to get hold of me by messaging me on my Facebook or calling me at 971-570-1871

Looking forward to hearing from you!